21st Century Energy, 21st Opportunity - Webinar

This webinar precedes the Canadian Gas Dialogues Conference, to be held in Calgary on September 29, 2021. Shannon Joseph (CAPP), Paul Cheliak (CGA) and Jim Campbell (CEPA), moderated by Julie Gaudreau (IGRC 2024) will discuss the state of innovation in the natural gas industry during this discussion that will touch upon the following topics: - What can the upstream/midstream and downstream do to collaborate and drive further natural gas innovation? What specific markets holds the most opportunity (residential, industry, LNG export, etc?). - What is the single biggest barrier to natural gas innovation and what is the top solution? - Have net zero emission reduction targets changed the scope and nature of the innovation investments across the gas value chain? Please join us for this complimentary webinar. For more details on the one day conference, please visit

A Methodology for Methane

The IEF’s chief economist Leila Benali discusses with NGW the forum’s new initiative to create a uniform methodology for quantifying methane emissions.

Methanation: turning green power into gas

We are joined by Mich Hein, CEO of Electrochaea, to discuss the ins and outs of a proprietary bio-methanation technology that the company has developed. The process involves using captured CO2 and green hydrogen to produce synthetic natural gas that can help decarbonise difficult-to-abate industries. The technology has gained serious attention, with Electrochaea recently bringing on board international oilfield services provider Baker Hughes as a lead investor.

Overcoming the Arctic Drilling Challenge

The Arctic has been hailed as the future of Russia’s oil and gas industry. But developing the vast reserves found there is no easy undertaking. In our webinar, Overcoming The Arctic Drilling Challenge, we discuss the technological, logistical and climatic difficulties that operators and contractors in Russia’s far north must confront, as well as what development prospects there are for the region’s many trillions of cubic metres of natural gas resources. Joining us are Vitaly Dokunikhin, CEO of ERIELL Russia, Aleksandr Milenkiy, Chief Engineer ERIELL NEFTEGAZSERVICE, and Mark Gyetvay, CFO of Russian gas producer Novatek. Recorded July 21, 2021

Novatek's Low Carbon Path

Mark Gyetvay, CFO of Russia’s largest independent gas producer, discusses how the company is balancing its ambitious LNG growth plans with new decarbonisation initiatives. While the IEA has called for no more investment in gas, Novatek sees the fuel as an integral part of the low-carbon energy future.

Is Uzbekistan Running Out of Gas?

Uzbekistan has undergone radical reform in the years since president Shavkat Mirziyoyev assumed power in late 2016. In the natural gas industry, the government has eased conditions for foreign investors and worked to create a more market-driven sector. The Central Asian state is among the largest gas producers in the CIS space, although many of its largest fields were developed in the Soviet era. In our upcoming webinar, Is Uzbekistan Running out of Gas?, we discuss what the future prospects are for Uzbek gas production. Joining us will be Uzbekistan’s Deputy Energy Minister Bekhzot Narmatov, Bakhrambek Ismailov, Head of ERIELL’s Regional Business Unit for Central Asia and Louis Skyner, a partner at Dentons.