Canadian Gas Dialogues 2020 - Market Access Issues

Market Access There was a time when the gas business in western Canada was “easy”: explore for it, drill for it, produce it, and sell it to the US. Since the shale gale blew through North America, however, much has changed: western Canadian producers have discovered a vast new resource. New drilling and completion technologies allow them to produce this new resource. But infrastructure has been slow to respond to this new resource, and western Canada is now at the wrong end of a very long value chain, and its producers are forced to accept low prices to sell their gas into saturated North American markets. This session will discuss how to enhance access to new and emerging markets, both in North America and abroad. Moderator: Dale Lunan Panel: Tracy Robinson, EVP Canadian Gas Pipelines, TC Energy; President, Coastal Gas Link Dale Nally, Associate Minister, Natural Gas And Electricity, Government of Alberta Hal Kvisle, Alberta Natural Gas Advisory Panel Dale Friesen, Sr VP, ATCO Recorded on September 28, 2020

Canadian Gas Dialogues 2020 - Shale Gas Running Room

Shale Gas Running Room The Montney, straddling the border between northeastern BC and northwestern Alberta, has established itself as one of the premier shale gas resources in North America, rivaling such great basins as the Permian and the Appalachian in the US. But western Canada has much more to offer, from emerging liquids-rich plays in the Duvernay to established and growing plays in the Deep Basin. This session will draw on some of Canada’s top shale gas developers to discuss just what the potential might be. Moderator: Dulles Wang, research director, Wood Mackenzie Panel: Darren Gee, CEO, Peyto Exploration & Development Dan Allan, CEO, Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources Brad Hayes, president, Petrel Robertson Jeff Tonken, CEO, Birchcliff Energy Recorded September 30, 2020

Canadian Gas Dialogues 2020 - Managing Methane

Managing Methane Fugitive methane emissions are being targeted as a major contributor to climate change. Canada is a global leader in methane emission monitoring and mitigation, and is on pace to achieve a 45% reduction by 2025, meeting federal requirements. This session will discuss what is being done to minimize the emissions of methane, the gas industry’s most valuable commodity. Moderator: Jackson Hegland, Methane Emissions Leadership Alliance Panel: Wayne Hillier, Modern West Advisory Gerald Palanca, Alberta Energy Regulator Larry Frederick, PTAC Mel Ydreos, EnergyVantage Inc. Recorded October 5, 2020.

Canadian Gas Dialogues 2020 - First Nations

Anne Harding, of Forum Community Relations, moderated what turned out to be a fascinating Canadian Gas Dialogues discussion Oct. 8 surrounding the issues facing First Nations and other indigenous communities as they interact with western Canadian energy developments. Join Chief Councilor Crystal Smith of the Haisla Nation, Chief Clifford White of the Gitxaala Nation, Alicia Dubois, CEO of the Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation and Stephen Buffalo, CEO of Indian Resources Canada as they discuss economic reconciliation, leadership issues within First Nations and how indigenous communities can best participate in and benefit from resource developments on their traditional lands. Recorded October 8, 2020.