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    TAP seeks interest in more pipe capacity


The last leg of the Southern Gas Corridor is up for expansion, subject to advance capacity commitments from shippers.

by: William Powell

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TAP seeks interest in more pipe capacity

The 10bn m³/yr TransAdriatic Pipeline (TAP) launched May 17 the information phase of its possible expansion, giving shippers two months before the binding bids may be submitted. The expansion has approval from the national regulatory authorities of Greece, Albania and Italy.

TAP, which terminates in Italy, is an extension of the Trans-Anatolian Pipeline, which carries gas from Azerbaijan.

TAP CEO Luca Schieppati said: “After four and a half months since gas flow via TAP started, we transported more than 2bn m³ of gas and provided safe and reliable transmission services to our shippers.The possibility to expand TAP’s capacity in stages, in line with the relevant demand and supply, is a significant opportunity, especially for the countries in the southeastern Europe region, which could enable them to reach their decarbonisation targets.”

TAP is offering three expansion scenarios: a limited expansion to about 14.4bn m³ yr; a partial expansion  to about 17.1bn m³/yr and a full expansion or doubling to 20bn m³/yr.