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"At a time of massive digital changes, a new magazine providing gas related info has emerged. Natural Gas World helps better understand the gas challenges going ahead. A must read." 

- Dr. Thierry Bros - Senior research fellow of The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, a member of the EU-Russia Gas Advisory Council and an advisor for the World Energy Council - Global Gas Centre - www.thierrybros.com

"Natural Gas World is my ‘go-to’ periodical for news and analysis on all natural gas-related matters. It’s cutting edge and incisive, which is why I find it so interesting"

Rune Bjørnson

Delighted to start a new subscription to the very well written & informative Natural Gas World Magazine @NatGasWorld https://t.co/55kDVoIrUy

- OIES Library (@OIESlibrary) February 9, 2017


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The Natural Gas World Advisory Board was established in March 2017. The function of the board is to consult with and provide direction to the NGW senior management team. In particular, the board is committed to working with the content team to help identify the most relevant topics and areas of interest for analysis and insight in the NGW Magazine.

Current Members:

Jean-Arnold Vinois RUNE BJØRNSON 

Since joining Statoil in 1985, Mr Bjørnson has held numerous senior management positions in Statoil’s natural gas business.

From 2004 to 2011 Mr Bjørnson served as the executive vice president for Natural Gas in Statoil’s executive committee, responsible for all elements of Statoil’s global natural gas value chains. This responsibility included marketing, trading, sales, shipping and processing of pipeline natural gas and LNG from conventional resources in Europe and the Caspian region, and shale gas in the USA.

From 2014 he headed up and was responsible for all Statoil’s global marketing and trading of crude oil, natural gas, oil products, power and emissions as all Statoil marketing and trading activities were gathered under the same management. In his career he has worked closely with other customers, international oil and gas companies, governments, regulators etc. He has had several expat postings, including head of Statoil UK and Statoil Belgium.  

Mr Bjørnson is now retired from Statoil and works as an independent consultant and advisor.

Jean-Arnold Vinois THIERRY BROS

Dr. Thierry Bros is a senior research fellow of The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, a member of the EU-Russia Gas Advisory Council and an advisor to the World Energy Council - Global Gas Centre. He is also a senior energy expert at Energy Delta Institute and a visiting professor at SciencesPo Paris.

In 2016, he founded thierrybros.com to provide independent research, independent advice, training & expertise on energy markets after 25 years in the energy field, from the policy side to trading floors.

Thierry Bros holds a Master of chemical engineering from ESPCI ParisTech and a PhD from Ecole Centrale Paris.



Jean-Arnold Vinois is Adviser on European Energy Policy at the Jacques Delors Institute. He is Honorary Director of the European Commission.

He retired from the European Commission January 1st 2013. Since July 2011, he was acting as Director of the internal energy market within the Directorate General for Energy, covering in particular the wholesale and retail electricity and gas markets, security of energy supply and energy networks. In April 2006, he became Head of the Unit responsible for Energy policy, security of supply and networks. Since 1992, he occupied, within the Directorate General for Energy and Transport, several management posts dealing successively with human and financial resources, trans-European networks, transport research, railway transport and interoperability. He also practiced as lawyer before joining the European Commission in 1987.


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EDITOR IN CHIEF: William Powell; NEWS EDITOR: Mark Smedley; EDITOR, NGW: Charles Ellinas; EDITOR, ASIA: Shardul Sharma; MANAGING DIRECTOR: H. Rick Gill 


Dalga Khatinoglu, Ilham Shaban, Kama Mustafayeva (Baku); Shiva Saeedi (Tehran); Murat Basboga (London); Ya’acov Zalel (Tel Aviv); Linas Jegelevicius (Vilnius); Audrey Raj (Singapore); John Fraser (Johannesburg); Omono Okonkwu (Lagos); Koen Mortelmans (Brussels); David O’Byrne (Istanbul); Susan Sakmar (Houston); Beatrice Bedeschi (London) 

If you have any enquiries regarding advertising, events or past or future content, please contact: 

EDITORIAL: William Powell - william.powell@naturalgasworld.com; ADVERTISING: advertising@naturalgasworld.com; EVENTS: Joao Salviano - joao.salviano@naturalgasworld.com 


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