Czech Position: Local Czechs rally against shale gas drilling in Bohemia

Hundreds gathered on the main square of the northwest Bohemian town of Náchod on Tuesday morning to protest the planned exploration (and eventual extraction) of shale gas deposits in the region. Although the Ministry of Environment has already issued a survey license to an Australian-owned company, a host of local municipalities have appealed the decision.

Basgas Energia Czech plans to survey 777 square kilometers in the Náchod, Trutnov and Broumov districts for deposits of shale gas, also known as “unconventional gas.” Jiří Malík, an ecologist and representative of the anti-shale gas pressure group STOP HF, told the ČTK news agency the protestors had learnt that the company’s owners would be present for a seminar hosted by the Hradec Králové regional governor Lubomír Franc (Social Democrats, ČSSD) — and wanted to send a clear message.

“We want to support the mayors who have clearly expressed their opposition to exploration and extraction of shale gas in this region. We have also found out that the American owners of the firm Basgas Energia Czech should be here and we want to show them their plans won’t go through in our region,” Malík said.  MORE


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