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    TAP Joins EU Capacity Booking Platform


The pipeline is due on line later this year.

by: William Powell

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TAP Joins EU Capacity Booking Platform

European pipeline and storage capacity booking platform Prisma and Swiss Trans Adriatic Pipeline have signed an agreement that will open up TAP´s future transportation capacity marketing activities, Prisma said April 21.

Prisma said the agreement "is in line with our aim to establish a fair and transparent market by facilitating the integration and security of gas capacity trade. By making the European section of the Southern Gas Corridor available on our platform, Prisma adds a crucial pathway to ensuring the stability and diversity of energy supplies in Europe."

“TAP joining PRISMA will add an essential new step towards ensuring effective integration and competition at the European gas market through Prisma’s well-established position at the heart of transnational markets,” said CEO Goetz Lincke.

TAP CEO Luca Schieppati said that TAP is now "more than 94% complete," and the company was focusing on operational readiness and the start of commercial operations within the end of the year. TAP will bring a new source of gas into Europe, contributing to a more diversified  and secure energy mix."

TAP starts at the Turkey-Greece border and finishes in southern Italy crossing Albania. In late March, the operator of TransMed Eni launched summer capacity tender, also on Prisma.