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    Eni Offers Summer Capacity for Algerian Gas


Shippers with Algerian gas may bid for capacity to transport it to Italy.

by: William Powell

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Eni Offers Summer Capacity for Algerian Gas

The Eni-operated Trans Tunisian Pipeline Company (TTPC) is offering uncommitted Q2 and Q3 2020 capacity to shippers on a first come, first served basis, it said March 25. Bids may be made on the Prisma capacity booking platform and the gas will originate in Algeria and be delivered to Italy.

The gas leaving Algeria will be measured at the Sonatrach-operated station just upstream of the border with Tunisia and the gas returning to the shipper will be measured at the Snam-operated Mazara del Vallo station.

The shipper has to include fuel gas for the compressor station in its calculations and unaccounted gas quantity will be proportionately shared between all shippers.

Tunisia also takes some gas as payment in kind for transit: this is to be given to TTPC at the delivery point and it will be the job of the TTPC to deliver it. All the "necessary procedures to manage the operations of gas delivery and redelivery, measurement of gas quantity and quality, determination of gas pressure range, as well as the exchange of other useful data and information are provided in an operating manual.

Shippers have to abide by confidentiality agreements and undertake not to collude among themselves in bidding.