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    Construction Starts on First Dutch Bio-LNG Unit


Shell will sell the bio-LNG at its filling stations.

by: Joe Murphy

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Construction Starts on First Dutch Bio-LNG Unit

Construction has begun on the Netherlands' first bio-LNG production unit in Amsterdam Westpoort, local developer Nordsol said on November 17.

Nordsol formed a strategic partnership on the project in June with Shell, its minority investor, and waste management firm Renewi. Renewi collects organic waste throughout the Netherlands from multiple industries and converts it into biogas. Some of this biogas will be delivered to Nordsol to produce bio-LNG, which Shell will then sell at its filling stations.

Nordsol's bio-LNG plant is due to become operational within a year, with a production capacity of 3.4 kilotons/year. It will also produce 6.3 kilotons of liquid bio-CO2, for use in greenhouse horticulture.