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    Shell Collaborates in Dutch Bio-LNG Venture


The companies plan to start producing bio-LNG next year for use as vehicle fuel.

by: Joseph Murphy

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Shell Collaborates in Dutch Bio-LNG Venture

Anglo-Dutch Shell has teamed up with waste management firm Renewi and bio-LNG developer Nordsol to produce bio-LNG in the Netherlands.

The trio have formed a strategic partnership, said Renewi June 3. Renewi collects organic waste throughout the Netherlands from multiple industries and converts it into biogas. The plan is to deliver some of this biogas to Nordsol for bio-LNG production at a yet to be built plant at a site that is owned by Renewi.

The technology of Nordsol, which counts Shell as a minority investor, makes it possible "to produce bio-LNG locally at an affordable price point." Shell will distribute the gas to its LNG filling stations but there was no mention of the value of their project or the volume it would produce. First bio-LNG is due by the middle of next year.