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    Open season launched for LNG terminal off France.


French LNG operator Elengy announced its second call for subscriptions at Fos Cavaou this year.

by: Daniel Graeber

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Open season launched for LNG terminal off France.

French LNG operator Elengy said July 13 it had launched an open season at its Fos Cavaou liquefied natural gas import terminal in order to expand its capacity.

Elengy and its subsidiary, Fosmax LNG, issued a call for subscriptions at the Fos Cavaou LNG terminal on the southern French coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

“Through this operation, Elengy proposes an increase in capacity as well as the extension of the terminal until 2045 and beyond,” the company said.

Commissioned in 2010, the Fos Cavaou terminal has one berth, a storage capacity of 330,000 m3 and a regasification potential of 8.5bn m3/yr.

“Elengy can now prepare the bidding phase with its stakeholders and interested parties, which is planned to last until the end of the year,” the company said.

Elengy in March offered 1bn m3/yr of regasification capacity from January 2022, 2.5bn m3/yr from January 2024 and 4.5bn m3/yr from April 2030 until 2045 or later. In its latest announcement, the company said it was responding to "a high level of interest over the entire subscription period offered for sale."

Fos Cavaou is one of three LNG terminals operated by Elengy. The other two are at Fos Tonkin and Montoir-de-Bretagne.

An ISO container was loaded with LNG at Elengy's regasification terminal in Fos Cavaou near Marseille in south France in April. It was transported via rail from the Miramas platform to a service station near Milan, Italy, marking the first time for such a delivery by Elengy.