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    Gazprom Records Record Gas Flow in Kara Sea


Leningradskoye's current reserves are estimated at 1.9 trillion m3, but will be reassessed in light of the new discovery.

by: Joe Murphy

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Gazprom Records Record Gas Flow in Kara Sea

Russia's Gazprom flowed a record daily volume in the Arctic after testing a discovery it made last month at the Leningradskoye field in the Kara Sea, it said on November 3.

A commercial flow of 1mn m3/day of gas was achieved, Gazprom said, marking a record rate for fields on Russia's Arctic shelf. This "proves that the productivity of the Leningradskoye field is much higher than anticipated," the company said.

Leningradskoye's recoverable gas reserves are 1.9 trillion m3, but this will be reassessed in light of the new discovery.

Gazprom has continued to drill on Russia's northern shelf over recent years, even though since the downturn in prices in 2014, most offshore Russian oil and gas development is uneconomic. It discovered the Dinkova and Nyarmeyskoye fields in 2019, assessed to hold 389.7bn and 120.8bn m3 of recoverable gas respectively. It found another field 75 Let Pobedy in May this year, thought to hold 202.4bn m3 of gas.

Gazprom is searching for fields to add to its Yamal megaproject, centring on the Yamal peninsula. It estimates that its existing fields on and around the peninsula could one day flow up to 360bn m3/yr of gas. So far only one, Bovanenkovskoye, has come on stream, with a capacity of 115bn m3/yr.

The next field expected online is Kharasaveyskoye in 2023, onshore next to Bovanenkovskoye with a planned production plateau of 32bn m3/yr.