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    Ecuador Law Enables Private Gas Imports


Sycar is expecting to operate the country's first LNG terminal.

by: William Powell

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Ecuador Law Enables Private Gas Imports

Ecuador has passed a law authorising private companies to freely import a range of hydrocarbons including natural gas, said would-be LNG importer Sycar September 25 a few days later. It said: "This approval is good news for our project for the construction of the first LNG import terminal in Ecuador, which remains on schedule."

The government is expected to rule on the environmental impact assessment study, which is needed before construction work can start, Sycar said. It is looking at the industrial market and power generation. "Our vision is that natural gas will play a very important role in Ecuador's energy matrix and will promote an agenda of quality and competitiveness in the industry," it said.

Sycar is working with an LNG trader to develop the facility, managing partner Nelson Jaramillo Pita told NGW in an interview in July.

Ecuador is facing a shortage of gas as its state-operated Amistad field in the south of the country is running out and is expected to stop commercial production by 2022.