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    Brussels Appoints Deputy DG, Energy


The commission has promoted one of its directors to the next rung up.

by: Mark Smedley

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Brussels Appoints Deputy DG, Energy

The European Commission announced December 19 it has appointed Klaus-Dieter Borchardt as deputy director-general of its energy department (DG-Ener).

He joined the commission in 1987 after legal degrees in Hamburg and Berlin. Apart from 1990-95 when he worked for the European Court of Justice, he has worked at the commission ever since in management positions. Since 2013 Borchardt, a German national, had been director in charge of DG-Ener's internal energy market (directorate B).

In a presentation to the Flame conference in May 2018, he told delegates that natural gas can play a key role in decarbonisation, particularly by replacing coal, but that gas's future in the longer term would depend on its own ability to decarbonise. In his new position, Borchardt will report to DG-Ener's director-general Dominique Ristori, of France.

The commission also said that new rules for making the EU's electricity market work better were provisionally agreed in the early hours of Dec.19 by negotiators from the Council, European Parliament and European Commission, thus concluding political negotiations on the 'Clean Energy for all Europeans' package that were already substantially signed off Dec.4.


Klaus-Dieter Borchardt (Photo credit: Austrian energy regulator E-Control)