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    Wood to Continue Support for Saudi Shale Gas Drive


Wood will continue assisting Saudi Aramco in its quest to develop unconventional gas.

by: Joseph Murphy

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Wood to Continue Support for Saudi Shale Gas Drive

UK energy giant Wood announced on January 21 it had secured a two-year extension on contracts with Saudi Aramco’s international arm Aramco Overseas supporting its unconventional gas programme.

The contracts, first awarded in 2014, cover services in Saudi Arabia and in other countries. Wood has been assisting Aramco in developing engineering design and implementation strategies for delivering on the company’s goal of producing significant volumes of gas from shale and tight gas reservoirs.

“Unconventional gas is key to meeting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s growing energy needs, with cleaner burning natural gas for domestic power generation,” Wood said in a statement. “Developing unconventional resources requires logistics that differ from those of standard conventional gas as well as a bespoke strategy to maximise efficiency and economic viability.”