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    Wind Power Accounts for 10% of UK Demand


Wind turbines have slowed as a cold spell grips the UK.

by: William Powell

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Wind Power Accounts for 10% of UK Demand

Wind-power accounted for 10.1% of the UK power mix at 11:10 am December 31, according to Gridwatch data. Gas-fired power stations supplied almost half (46.3%) of the 38.5 GW demand, nuclear 15.5%, and coal supplied 4.5%. The spell of low pressure has led to very little wind, in contrast to a few days ago when wind accounted for over half.

Drax Electric Insights said that December 26 was the first day that wind had supplied over half (50.4%) of the power demand while gas then was at 14.6%, although demand would again have been low, being the day after Christmas and a Saturday.

Despite the cold, the extended holiday season – which ends in the UK January 4 – meant gas demand nationally was low: a total 370mn m³ was estimated to be taken off the grid December 31, of which about three quarters (273mn m³) was for the low-pressure network: homes and small commercial premises. Another 78mn m³ went to power stations and 22mn m³ were exported to the continent. Industrial demand was just 9mn m³. The biggest single external source of gas was Norway, flowing about 80mn m³/d equivalent at time of press. Imported LNG was about half of that amount.