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    Wartsila to Switch Brazilian Power Plant to Gas


The plant's capacity will rise, while its costs and environmental impact will be reduced.

by: Joseph Murphy

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Wartsila to Switch Brazilian Power Plant to Gas

Finland’s Wartsila has won a contract to convert a Brazilian oil-fired power plant to run on natural gas, it announced in a January 15 statement.

The Cristiano Rocha power plant in Manaus is owned by local utility Rio Amazonas Energias (Raesa). According to Wartsila, the conversion will lift its capacity from 85 to 92 MW, while reducing its operational costs and its environmental impact. The plant currently rents extra generators to supplement output – a cost that will be eliminated. Wartsila estimates that its CO2 emissions will also drop 10% or 35,000 mt/yr.

The conversion will put Raesa in a better position to compete in energy auctions and extend its long-term contract to supply power to the national grid, due to expire in 2025, the company said.

Wartsila will convert five 46GD dual-fuel combustion engines to Wartsila 50SG engines, as well as make necessary system upgrades. The work will be completed in the first half of 2021. Wartsila has also struck a deal with Raesa to provide long-term services at the plant.