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    Wartsila Develops Hydrogen Engine


The Finnish engineering firm is looking ahead to a net zero carbon powergeneration future.

by: William Powell

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Wartsila Develops Hydrogen Engine

Finnish engineering firm Wartsila is developing the combustion process in its gas engines to enable them to burn 100% hydrogen fuel, it said May 5. "This development is part of the company’s strategy to future-proof its engine technology in line with the global trend towards decarbonisation of the energy and marine markets," it said.

It said it has researched hydrogen as a fuel for 20 years and tested its engines with blends of up to 60% hydrogen and 40% natural gas. In addition to hydrogen, other potential renewable fuels are being studied for future applications, and its engines are already capable of combusting 100% synthetic carbon-neutral methane and methanol.

“The world is on a path towards 100% decarbonisation, and Wartsila continues to support this trend with our research and development of future fuels, such as hydrogen. The market for hydrogen-fuelled power plants will emerge along with regulations restricting the burning of fossil fuels...” said Wartsila Energy Business president, Marco Wiren.

The use of renewable fuels in flexible power plants dramatically reduces the required size of battery storage, improves power system efficiency, lowers generating costs, and provides high security of supply even during rare and unusual weather patterns, Wartsila said.