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    Uzbekistan opens $3.6bn GTL plant


Full operational capacity is expected in the 1H of 2022.

by: Shardul Sharma

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Uzbekistan opens $3.6bn GTL plant

Uzbekistan on December 25 officially opened the $3.6bn gas-to-liquid plant in the Qashqadaryo region.

Uzbekistan GTL (UzGTL) converts domestic natural gas into liquid fuels and products with import substitution potential estimated at over $1bn/year, the government said. Full operational capacity is expected in the 1H of 2022 when the plant will process 3.6bn m3/yr of gas.

When fully operational, the plant will produce over 1.5mn metric tons/yr of liquid fuel, under the brand name Oltin Yo'l GTL. Besides producing cleaner fuels including synthetic kerosene, diesel, aviation jet fuel and LPG, the plant will also supply synthetic naphtha from UzGTL to the Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex, which will be expanded in the near future.

Some installations have already been commissioned and several pre-commissioning works, as well as the testing of pipelines and equipment are underway in all technological zones of the complex, the government said.