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    US LNG exports snap losing streak


There were 21 vessels laden with LNG that left US export terminals during the week ending July 21.

by: Daniel Graeber

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US LNG exports snap losing streak

Federal data show US exports of LNG snapped a two-week lull with an increase in maritime deliveries for the week ending July 21.

Data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) published show 21 vessels laden with natural gas in LNG form left export terminals during the seven-day period carrying  a total of 76bn ft3. Six departed from the Sabine Pass terminal and three left from Cameron, both in Louisiana. From Texas, five left from the Freeport terminal and four left from Corpus Christi. Two laden vessels left from the Cove Point facility off Maryland and one left from Elba Island off the coast of Georgia.

From July 8-14, exports totalled 71 bn ft3, which was about 9% from the previous seven-day period.

Despite recent declines, EIA reports that LNG exports over the first six months of the year averaged 9.5bn ft3/d, a 41% increase from year-ago levels.

“US LNG exports increased in the first half of this year because of an increase in international natural gas and LNG spot prices in Asia and Europe, an increase in global LNG demand following easing of COVID-19 restrictions, and continuous unplanned outages at LNG export facilities in several countries, including Australia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Algeria, Norway, and Trinidad and Tobago,” EIA reported.

Domestic natural gas production, meanwhile, averaged 92.9bn ft3/d over the period ending July 21, down about 1% from the previous week.

The US economy took in 5bn ft3/d on average from Canada, a 3% decline from last week, while exports to Mexico averaged 6.3bn ft3/d, a 2.3% decrease.