Gail Gets US Nod to Import Shale Gas

The US, making an exception to its restrictive export policy, has allowed state run Gail to ship shale gas to India.

The Economic Times reports that the move will allow Gail to import 3.5 million tonnes per year of liquefied natural gas (LNG) for two decades from 2017-18. Encouraged by this, the government is now trying to persuade Washington to relax the policy for other companies also, the newspaper said.

However, Gail is still awaiting the US government's nod to import gas from Carrizo's Eagle Ford shale gas assets , where it acquired 20% equity stake about a year ago. 

The US does not allow export of gas to a country, with which it does not have a free trade agreement (FTA).

India’s oil minister is visiting US next week and his visit will coincide with Gail signing some agreements related to shale gas deals, Economic Times said citing officials.


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