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    US Gas Lobby Supports Carbon Pricing


Price on emissions offers path to low-carbon economy, NGSA says

by: Dale Lunan

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US Gas Lobby Supports Carbon Pricing

The Natural Gas Supply Association (NGSA), which represents major US natural gas producers and marketers, said December 3 carbon pricing is one of the best ways to aggressively reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“We want to create a clean energy future that is affordable for all and we believe a price on carbon will help get us there,” NGSA CEO Dena Wiggins said. “Pricing carbon will help reduce carbon emissions now, while encouraging the development of innovative technologies like carbon capture that will drastically reduce or even eliminate emissions in the future.”

The most effective approach to carbon pricing, the association said, is to apply a uniform, broad-based system that is national or global and that includes all emitting sectors. It urged state policy-makers to adopt a price on carbon as part of a coordinated regional approach to power markets that would make the biggest impact and reduce complexity in implementation.

“We believe a national carbon pricing plan across all sectors would achieve the best results, but if states are designing individual approaches to reducing emissions right now, we urge them to incorporate a price on carbon in power markets, ideally coordinated with other states,” Wiggins said.

Natural gas – as the lowest carbon fossil fuel and as a backup to renewables – can play a major role in the transition to a lower-carbon economy, he said, especially if its use is combined with well-designed policies that include carbon pricing.