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    Uniper Opens LNG Filling Station


The site near Kassel has already proved itself to be good for business.

by: William Powell

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Uniper Opens LNG Filling Station

Uniper LNG vehicle refuelling station operator Liqvis started up a station for trucks in Kassel April 24, the German company said. Its central location in Germany makes it well placed for servicing heavy long-distance truck traffic and is its second after Grunheide near Berlin. It replaces a mobile system that tested the flow of customers, and which will now be deployed in Westphalia, Uniper said.

Liqvis is planning further openings in the coming months: one at Calais, northern France, is being built, and further plants in Rosengarten near Hamburg and Langenhagen are under construction. A station at Hanover is in the approval process. 

Liqvis said that the toll exemption had helped LNG to establish itself as a fuel on the market, which "confirms the good sales growth at our petrol stations last year. At Liqvis, we want transport companies to plan the use of their vehicles as flexibly as possible. That is why we are continuously working on expanding network coverage."

LNG emits almost no particulate matter and nitrogen oxides and much less CO2. LNG engines are also quieter, allowing deliveries outside normal hours.