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    Ukraine's Householders to Get Cheaper Gas


For the second month running, prices have fallen.

by: William Powell

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Ukraine's Householders to Get Cheaper Gas

Ukrainian householders and other captive customers covered by the state's public service obligation can benefit from competition again in July as the wholesale gas price, net of transport costs and taxes, fell for the second month running, said Naftogaz Ukrainy July 15. After a 7.3% drop from May to June, prices fell another 11.7% in July, the state monopoly said. It now stands at hryvnia 4,905.7 ($190.6)/’000 m³.

The price is set by the cheapest of four indicators: what commercial consumers paid the previous month; customs data at the border for the previous month; the weighted average price on the Ukrainian energy exchange; and the price according to the methodology set by last October’s government decree. The price for July was set by the exchange, Naftogaz said, pointing out also that there are intermediary suppliers who will notify clients of the final price and do the actual billing.