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    Ukraine Storage Injection Rates Slow


But the minimum threshold is safely passed.

by: William Powell

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Ukraine Storage Injection Rates Slow

The rate of gas injection into Ukraine's giant storage facilities has begun to slow down this month, according to data published by Gas Infrastructure Europe. From over 600 GWh/d, the gas has been flowing at about 470 GWh/day for the past week or so. As of October 13 there were 219.6 TWh of working gas, which is about 19.9bn m³ or 21bn Russian m³. 

This means there is enough in store to guarantee supplies will last all winter, according to Naftogaz Ukrainy. The amount is a ten-year record. This time last year there were 4.4bn Russian m³ less.

Russian cubic metres contain fractionally less energy than normal cubic metres as they are measured under different conditions.