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    UK Terminal Offers New Capacity


Grain LNG is proposing to split up the capacity into two grades to fit needs of more buyers.

by: William Powell

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UK Terminal Offers New Capacity

The operator of Europe's biggest LNG import terminal, Grain in the UK, is inviting firm bids for a new capacity service after 2025, it said November 1. Bids are due by March, with capacity expected to be sold later that month. The offer follows the successful conclusion of its expression of interest exercise.

On offer are two kinds of service: a ‘Base User’ service and a ‘Package User’ service. The ‘Base User’ service is for those looking for flexibility to store and send out as required and brings with it 48 berthing slots, 200,000m3 of working storage and  regasification capacity of 140 GWh/d, throughout a 15 to 25-year contract.

The Package User service is a smaller offering that gives users more freedom when to use Grain. Customers can berth, unload, store and send out LNG – with no minimum send-out obligation. The service includes 9, 18, or 27 berthing slots/year; working storage of up to 180,000m3 and 120 GWh/d of regasification capacity for a period of ten years. 

The new capacity offer follows the expiry of the long-term contracts that underpinned the original construction and development of the Grain LNG terminal.

The capacity on offer will be a mix of existing and new-build infrastructure, and could increase Grain LNG’s total site storage to 1,200,300 m3 and total regasification capacity to ~780 GWh/d.

Grain LNG's commercial head Nicola Duffin said the high level of market interest "has allowed us to engage with potential customers and shape our offering to best meet their needs, whilst optimising access to this strategic asset.

“This is an exciting time for Grain LNG, as we prepare to offer capacity that will allow customers to secure long-term access to the National Balancing Point.  Grain LNG will continue to provide a reliable service to our current capacity holders and play a key role in ensuring gas security of supply for the UK.”