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    UK reviews ‘changes’ to Shell’s Jackdaw gas plan


A UK regulator rejected a previous development plan for the gas field in the North Sea.

by: Daniel Graeber

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UK reviews ‘changes’ to Shell’s Jackdaw gas plan

The UK offshore regulator said October 14 that Anglo-Dutch major Shell was “proposing changes” to the development of the Jackdaw natural gas field after its initial proposal was rejected.

The UK Offshore Petroleum Regulator for Environment and Decommissioning (OPRED) said in a letter to BG International, which is part of Shell, that the company was directed “to provide further information about the proposed changes to the project.”

The letter was short on specifics, but OPRED added that Jackdaw development partners should explain any difference the revised project plans would have on greenhouse gas emissions and other matters related to the environment.

OPRED last week rejected plans to develop the Jackdaw natural gas field after reviewing Shell’s environmental statement.

According to the Reuters news service, which relied on industry sources close to the decision, the regulator provided no grounds for the dismissal. In its October 14 letter, OPRED said it was aware that UK authorities had not notified developers of the initial decision.

Shell issued an environmental impact statement on the project in July.

“The selected Jackdaw concept has been designed to minimize emissions as far as reasonable, from day one of operations,” that statement read.