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    UK Player Prepares to Frack in Poland


Gemini Resources is targeting up to 1.6 trillion ft3 of tight gas.

by: Joseph Murphy

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UK Player Prepares to Frack in Poland

UK-based Gemini Resources is preparing to launch re-entry and appraisal operations at its Siciny-2 well in the Gora concession in Poland, its Australian venture partner Ansila Energy said on November 7.

Gemini is targeting 1.6 trillion ft3 of 2C contingent tight gas resources at the well. It has awarded a contract to Halliburton for the supply of hydraulic fracturing equipment and the provision of pumping and wellbore services, while hiring Weatherford International for well testing services. Equipment will be moved to the site this month, Ansila said.

Gemini has also issued orders for other key items needed for well re-entry and stimulation, including proppant, tubing and tubing hangars. It aims to carry out a two-stage hydraulic frack, followed by well tests, in December.

Gemini operates the Gora concession with a 65% stake. Ansila Energy, formerly known as Pura Vida Energy, acquired 35% interests in Gora and Gemini’s Nowa Sol concession in Poland in September.