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    UK Aggreko cuts flared gas, adds to its capacity contracts


Enabling customers to switch from diesel and to monetise flared or stranded assets has brought the generator over 2 GW of contracts.

by: William Powell

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UK Aggreko cuts flared gas, adds to its capacity contracts

UK mobile power plant operator Aggreko has beaten its record of 2 GW of contracted gas generation capacity it said September 29, thanks to rising demand for flare gas-to-power projects and to stranded gas.

The World Bank's Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership (GGFRP) has helped business grow, it said, mentioning an offshore project in Indonesia that harnessed flare gas to generate 27 weeks of reliable power supply for an offshore microgrid.

In the Middle East, Aggreko is turning 40mn ft³/day of associated petroleum gas into power, cutting the operator’s flaring by a third and saving 840 metric tons/day of CO2 emissions.

Other projects include power supply, from gas that would otherwise be flared, to crypto-currency miners – a highly energy-intensive operation criticised for its unsustainability in normal conditions. 

"With the GGFRP pushing for an end to routine flaring by 2030, Aggreko anticipates significant further growth and is investing more than £200mn to increase the size of its gas generation fleet as part of its overall commitment to achieve Net Zero in its own operations," it said.

It aims to halve the amount of diesel its customers use by moving them to gas, and continuing to repurpose waste gas into power. The company is also extending its service offering, including expanding to compressed natural gas, LNG and LPG virtual pipeline solutions, with several projects already supported by this ongoing investment.

It said the world's flared gas could power sub-Saharan Africa and capturing it "forms an important part of Aggreko’s sustainability commitments by offering competitive cleaner technologies and fuels that guarantee reliability of supply as alternatives."