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    US Producer Aims for Clean Gas Output


UP Energy believes that gas will have to become more highly specified as investors grow more concerned about sustainability of its business.

by: William Powell

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US Producer Aims for Clean Gas Output

Two Denver-based companies are partnering to produce gas that can be certified as responsibly sourced (RSG), UP Energy said March 5. The programme will be deployed on select UP Energy wells in Wyoming and will feed TrustWell-certified RSG into regional natural gas distribution networks.

The project intends to demonstrate natural gas can be produced with high environmental and social standards, and that markets exist for these differentiated RSG products, they said.

"Ensuring emissions across the entire energy value chain are minimised or eliminated creates environmental progress and is good for business. We're proud to be the real-time monitoring and independent verification solution that companies are seeking to offer TrustWell-certified RSG, which is gaining market share and recognition," said Project Canary co-founder and CEO Chris Romer

UP Energy plans to certify 100% of production by the end of 2022, which aligns with the company's commitment to environmental and social governance, it said. UP Energy will pilot real-time, continuous methane emissions monitoring to test and advance the science of monitoring extremely low methane levels at highly controlled locations.

Project Canary is working with numerous producers, pipeline, midstream and utility companies to provide markets with RSG and differentiated energy products.