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    Turkey Confirms Gas Plans


The country is to invest in infrastructure.

by: David O'Byrne

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Turkey Confirms Gas Plans

Turkey has confirmed its plans for the natural gas sector. According to the country's 11th national development plan 2019-2023, approved by the Turkish parliament July 18, the country is committed to improving its gas transmission network, increasing security of supply and extending the gas distribution grid. 

More specifically the plan states the commitment to continue with the development of the Tuz Gollu underground gas storage facility, and the expansion of the North Marmara/Silivri gas storage facility in order to increase the country's gas storage capacity to 10bn m³, and for the purchase of a new FSRU unit and the expansion of onshore facilities to increase LNG import capacity. 

The Tuz Gollu facility has capacity of 600mn m³ and daily withdrawal capacity of 20mn m³; while the North Marmara/Silivri gas facility has a storage capacity of 2.8bn m³ and a withdrawal capacity of 25mn m³/day. Both are operated by Turkey's state gas importer and transmission operator Botas which also operates one of the country's two FSRU units at Dortyol on Turkey's east Mediterranean Coast, which has an LNG storage capacity of 263,000 m³ and a daily regasification capacity of 20mn m³/d of regasified LNG. 

No information was given in the plan as to the anticipated capacity of the new FSRU unit.