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    Tokyo Gas, GRDF to cooperate in gas biz


They will also work together to develop demand for natural gas. [image credit: Tokyo Gas]

by: Shardul Sharma

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Tokyo Gas, GRDF to cooperate in gas biz

Tokyo Gas on May 8 announced that it will collaborate with French gas pipeline operator GRDF to develop a gas and gas pipeline business.

Tokyo Gas Networks, a subsidiary of Tokyo Gas, has signed a cooperation agreement with GRDF to enhance the sharing of knowledge and experience.

Through personnel and information exchange under the agreement, the companies aim to develop their gas pipeline business and contribute to the realisation of a carbon-neutral society, Tokyo Gas said.

GRDF president Laurence Poiriedier stated that the company is targeting carbon neutrality by 2050 and is addressing various strategic and technological challenges to achieve this goal.

In particular, Poiriedier emphasised the need to identify new business opportunities that use existing gas pipelines in developing a carbon-neutral market. Poiriedier also noted the long-standing collaborative relationship between GRDF and Tokyo Gas and expressed confidence that the agreement marks another step in their shared history.

GRDF is targeting carbon neutrality by 2050 and is addressing strategic and technological challenges. The firms will seek to develop carbon-neutral solutions, including e-methane, biogas and hydrogen, as well as promote demand for natural gas in areas such as city gas, CNG and LNG, and design, build, maintain and manage gas pipelines.