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    Tokyo Gas America teams with Project Canary


The process to certify the company’s gas from the Haynesville basin begins next month.

by: Daniel Graeber

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Tokyo Gas America teams with Project Canary

A subsidiary of Tokyo Gas America said October 4 it had committed to certifying its natural gas production from the Haynesville shale basin as responsibly-sourced.

The subsidiary, TG Natural Resources, said it reached a pilot partnership agreement with Project Canary, which will install emission monitors across Haynesville shale locations in east Texas and in parts of northern Louisiana.

"Natural gas is needed to address climate change globally and certified natural gas is the solution to ensuring that US gas plays a primary role in the global energy transition,” Project Canary CEO Chris Romer said.

Well certification and around-the-clock emissions monitoring will begin next month at TG's Haynesville locations.

TG joins a growing list of energy companies deploying Project Canary technology with their assets. Among the largest was a commitment in September from Tallgrass Energy to established a multi-year partnership with Project Canary to monitor emissions from its Rockies Express natural gas pipeline, one of the longest in North America at more than 2,735 km.