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    Texas Bans Gas Exports Until Feb 21


The ban has not gone down well in Mexico.

by: William Powell

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Texas Bans Gas Exports Until Feb 21

The governor Texas Greg Abbott ordered natural gas producers not to export product out of state until February 21, as part of a statement February 17 invoking a state of emergency. There was no hint of the ban being lengthened if the weather conditions improved later than forecast.

Instead they must sell it to providers within Texas, as part of his strategy to deal with the energy production and supply crisis. 

Reuters reported that the Mexican government called the top US representative in Mexico to press for natural gas supplies, on which the national generator heavily depends.

Abbott said he had been "working closely with the White House to provide additional resources for Texans and expand the supply of the energy in the state."

The Texas Railroad Commission has worked closely with the Public Utility Commission, Electric Reliability Council of Texas, and other state and local agencies to ensure that electricity and gas can swiftly be provided across the state. The announcement said that temperatures were forecast to rise above freezing on February 20.

Among the export lines is the 2.1bn ft³/day Permian Highway, which came into service this year. It carries gas from Waha to Katy, Texas, from where it can be sent on to markets on the US Gulf Coast or in Mexico.