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    European Tech Consultancies Join Up in CCUS Push


Three leading specialists in carbon capture technology are pooling efforts to kick-start a key element of the net zero carbon future.

by: William Powell

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European Tech Consultancies Join Up in CCUS Push

Three technology research companies – DNV GL, Sintef and Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) – have joined forces to promote carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS) technology in emissions-heavy industries.

The companies, which have all contributed to the work behind Norway’s Longship project, signed a memorandum of understanding to make full-scale CCS a reality globally, they said October 7.

DNV GL's 2020 Energy Transition Outlook published a month ago forecasts that the technology will help mitigate more than 2 gigatons of CO2 emissions by mid-century. However, the forecasts also indicate that CCS will not begin to scale until 2030, and not to a significant level until 2040 without government incentives and with industry focusing on finding ways to reduce the cost of CCS technology.

Longship boasts many first-of-a-kind elements, including capture of CO2 emissions from the cement industry; transporting CO2 by ship; and temporary and permanent storage of CO2 subsea.

TCM will assist with large-scale testing and verification of carbon capture, allowing technology developers the lowest possible technological and financial risk. DNV GL and Sintef will work on the qualification and verification of assets at the infrastructure and technology levels.