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    TC Energy, Nikola in Canada-US hydrogen hubs plan


The goal is to provide low-carbon blue and green hydrogen to FCEV market.

by: Dale Lunan

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TC Energy, Nikola in Canada-US hydrogen hubs plan

Canada’s TC Energy and Arizona-based Nikola said October 7 they would collaborate to develop, build own and/or operate hydrogen infrastructure to support hydrogen fuel cell powered heavy-duty trucks.

TC Energy has extensive natural gas and power generating infrastructure across Canada and the US, while Nikola is a global leader in zero-emissions transportation and energy infrastructure solutions. Together, they will work to develop large-scale hydrogen production facilities in key locations to accelerate the adoption of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) in the heavy-duty transport sector.

A key objective of the collaboration is to establish hubs producing 150 mt/day of hydrogen near highly-travelled truck corridors to serve Nikola’s planned need for hydrogen to fuel its Class 8 FCEVs within the next five years. 

TC Energy has significant pipeline, storage and power assets that could be leveraged to lower the cost and speed the implementation of these hubs. Additionally, the two will explore the potential for integrating midstream assets to provide for hydrogen distribution and storage and the delivery of CO2 to permanent sequestration sites.

“This collaboration with TC Energy is intended to enable the production of hydrogen at quantities and costs that are required to support customer adoption and use of FCEVs,” said Pablo Koziner, president, energy and commercial for Nikola. “TC Energy also offers pipeline distribution capabilities that will be essential for cost-efficient movement of hydrogen in the future.”

TC Energy and Nikola are committed to lowering the carbon intensity (CI) of the hydrogen they produce by using renewable energy and low-cost natural gas, renewable natural gas and biomass feedstocks, paired with carbon capture and storage. 

“By leveraging our natural gas and power operations footprint, we see this new partnership as an important first step in facilitating access to affordable low-carbon production of hydrogen for the transportation and industrial sector,” said Corey Hessen, TC Energy’s senior vice president and president, power and storage. “TC Energy is focused on our own decarbonisation efforts as well as being the provider of choice for carbon-free energy to the North American industrial, natural gas and oil sectors.”