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    Taiwan referendum on LNG terminal fails


Not enough voters showed up to validate the outcome.

by: Shardul Sharma

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Taiwan referendum on LNG terminal fails

A referendum on whether to relocate a new LNG terminal has failed after not enough votes took part to validate the result, the official Central News Agency (CAN) reported on December 19.

The proposed LNG import terminal is being built near an algal reef in Taoyuan. But environmentalists have proposed relocating it to the port of Taipei.


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Along with the LNG terminal issue, three other questions came up for referendum.

The number of people who supported each of the four referendum initiatives was outnumbered by those who opposed them by margins ranging from 2.08 to 5.68 percentage points, CAN reported citing Central Election Commission (CEC) data. But voter turnout was only 41% anyway, and therefore not enough to consider the results valid.