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    Strike's Walyering-5 in Perth basin confirms gas presence


The results of Walyering-5 have exceeded the company’s expectations.

by: Shardul Sharma

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Strike's Walyering-5 in Perth basin confirms gas presence

Sydney-listed Strike Energy on December 6 said the Walyering-5 (W5) well has confirmed the presence of a conventional gas accumulation at the Walyering gas field in the Perth basin.

“The results of W5 have exceeded the company’s expectations with both higher quality reservoir being observed, and the presence of additional net gas pay in deeper sands,” it said.

Four gas-charged reservoirs have been confirmed with a total gross thickness of 116 m and total net pay of 51 m, with peak porosities of 21.5% and an average porosity of 15.4%. The CO2 content of the gas has been measured to be less than 1%, Strike said.

“The results of the Walyering-5 well have exceeded Strike’s pre-drill expectations with thicker and better-quality gas-charged sands being encountered across several reservoirs,” Strike CEO Stuart Nicholls said. “Strike will now work with its partner Talon Energy to put together a plan for a fast and low-cost development before production testing the W5 well and having the resource independently certified.”

Strike is the operator and the holder of a 55% joint venture interest in EP447, and Talon Energy holds 45%.