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    Stena tests jettyless LNG terminal


Scale-model testing was completed before a full deployment to Vietnam.

by: Daniel Graeber

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Stena tests jettyless LNG terminal

Swedish shipbuilder Stena Power & LNG solutions said October 4 it had completed the successful testing of a jettyless LNG receiving terminal ahead of deployment to Vietnam.

Stena said scale-model testing of a jettyless floating terminal (JFT) was completed at a Dutch research facility before full construction and deployment off the coast of Vietnam for Delta Offshore Energy’s LNG-to-power facility.

Stena said that models of 1:30 scale were used for testing of the JFT, a self-installing regasification platform, a floating storage unit and an LNG carrier. Delta Offshore said the full-scale deployment would be an industry breakthrough.

“Today we have a more modular system that can easily be scaled up without having to go to drydock or shipyards,” Delta Offshore managing director Bobby Quintos said. “If you are not innovating in this industry, you are falling behind.”

Delta will use Stena’s jettyless floating terminal and regasification technology to help supply a planned 3,200 MW power plant slated for Bac Lieu province in Vietnam's Mekong Delta.

Vietnam expects demand for LNG in the country’s power sector to reach 8.5mn mt/year by 2030