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    State Gas spuds Rougemont-3 horizontal well in Queensland


Rougemont-3 will drill two laterals horizontally to intersect with the Rougemont-2 vertical well.

by: Shardul Sharma

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State Gas spuds Rougemont-3 horizontal well in Queensland

Australian gas company State Gas has spudded the Rougemont-3 horizontal well in Queensland, it said on September 16.

Silver City Drilling Rig 20 is currently installing surface casing, with the well at 63 m depth, the company said. The rig will drill two laterals into the Bandanna coal seams starting with the first lateral at approximately 290 m true vertical depth. This lateral will be drilled horizontally for approximately 1,300 m, intersecting with the Rougemont-2 vertical well at approximately 1,200 m.

Following completion of the first lateral a second will be drilled approximately 30 m below, again to intersect the Rougemont-2 vertical well, creating a total in-seam length of approximately 2 km.

Once the laterals are complete the workover rig will return and replace the pump in Rougemont2. Production testing of the two wells, as an integrated well pair directly accessing more than 2 km of the reservoir, will then commence.