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    State Gas plans to produce hydrogen in Queensland


The company plans to produce hydrogen from natural gas, which may be sourced from its Rolleston-West or adjacent Reid's Dome projects in Queensland.

by: Shardul Sharma

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State Gas plans to produce hydrogen in Queensland

Sydney-listed State Gas has collaborated with Rockminsolutions to investigate the production of hydrogen with carbon sequestration in the west of its 100%-owned ATP 2062 Rolleston-West gas project in Queensland, it said on October 5.

State Gas has entered into a memorandum of understanding with basalt specialist Rockminsolutions to investigate the potential to sequester carbon dioxide in the Buckland Basaltic Sequence within and surrounding the western area of ATP 2062.

The carbon mineralisation technique is based on a process currently being successfully implemented by Carbfix at the Hellisheidi power plant in Iceland, State Gas said. Carbfix has developed an approach to capturing and storing CO2 by its capture in water and injection of the solution into suitable subsurface basalts.

According to State Gas, the western area of ATP 2062 contains a large portion of the Buckland Basaltic Sequence, an extensive area of Tertiary aged basaltic ignimbrites (volcanic ash deposits) up to 330 m thick, having similarities with basaltic rocks at Hellisheidi in Iceland.

“Should investigation of the project area confirm the potential of the Buckland Basaltic Sequence to store carbon dioxide, State Gas and Rockminsolutions envisage manufacturing hydrogen from gas, which may be sourced from State Gas' Rolleston-West or adjacent Reid's Dome projects,” the company said.

Carbon dioxide created through the process would be stored within the Basaltic sequence underground, creating low emission hydrogen.

"While State Gas remains focussed on development of its Reid's Dome and Rolleston-West gas projects, the carbon mineralisation approach has the potential to be a game changer in the production of low emission hydrogen from gas,” State Gas executive chairman, Richard Cottee, said. "A combined gas and hydrogen portfolio would provide significant optionality for State Gas into the future."