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    Spanish LNG Bunkering Ops Treble in 2019


The volume rose by a much bigger factor.

by: William Powell

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Spanish LNG Bunkering Ops Treble in 2019

Spain saw 195 LNG bunkering operations in 2019, in which 81,704 m³ of LNG were supplied, according to a joint statement from local LNG companies including the national transmission system operator Enagas.

"This is a very significant increase compared to the 60 operations carried out in 2018, when 4,504 m³ of LNG were supplied," they said. This growing trend continued in January 2020, with 35 operations carried out, in which 12,055 m³ were supplied. EU funding was involved, they said. Of the total, 165 operations were truck-to-ship and 30 were the ship-to-ship type.