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    Spanish CCGT Demand Hits Record


Hot weather and limited hydro have been perfect for Spanish gas demand.

by: William Powell

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Spanish CCGT Demand Hits Record

Spanish gas demand for power generation reached 578 GWh July 22, the highest summer figure since 2010, according to grid operator Enagas. "This record was the result of the high temperatures recorded owing to the heat wave affecting Spain, resulting in greater use of air conditioning systems," it said on July 24, predicting even higher demand later in the week if temperatures rose even higher. However by July 29 it had not reported higher demand.

Gas demand in July has grown by 45% compared with the same month last year. This highlights the relationship between the electricity and gas systems to guarantee supply, in the context of energy transition, and the major role played by natural gas as a back-up resource for renewable energies at times of record demand, it said. Gas is more competitively priced than coal.

Demand for natural gas for the year to date has grown by 12.6% compared with the same period of 2018, mainly thanks to the power sector where demand has grown by close to 84%.

The increase in the use of gas in Spain is also influenced by the strong performance in industrial demand, which has been recording sustained growth of 3–4%.