Spain: Cantabrian Government Looks to Ban Fracking

The Government of Cantabria has approved a draft law prohibiting the use of hydraulic fracturing in the Autonomous Community located in Northern Spain.  There are currently five research permits granted for the research and extraction of unconventional gas.

On Friday the President of the Autonomous Community Ignacio Diego Palacios announced that the governing council agreed to reject the use of fracking.  Since Saturday Cantabria’s government opened an information period on its website so that citizens can make their own contributions.  Following this participatory process, and after being subjected to analysis of the Environmental Advisory Council of Cantabria, the final text will be submitted to Parliament for approval as regional bill.

Regarding the five permits already issued and considering the stages they are at, Ignacio Diego stated the government understands responsibilities associated with a ban and is currently seeking appropriate legal formulas. 

The government has been in contact with all companies regarding the proposed law, which looks to ban the practice until there is absolute guarantee of no risks to health or the environment. 



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