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    South Dakota to host RNG


Gas company UGI to set up renewable natural gas “clusters” across the state.

by: Daniel Graeber

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South Dakota to host RNG

US natural gas company UGI said September 16 it had entered into agreements to build infrastructure that can draw natural gas out of dairy farm waste.

UGI subsidiary MBL Bioenergy said it would combine its experience with that of California Bioenergy and Sevena Bioenergy to develop digesters at South Dakota dairy farms to produce renewable natural gas (RNG).

“The clusters of projects are expected to produce 650mn ft3 of RNG annually when complete and on-line by the end of calendar year 2024,” UGI explained. “The RNG will be delivered to the local natural gas pipelines serving the regional distribution system.”

Apart from landfills, which emit methane as organic waste decomposes, farms are playing a larger role in the energy transition. Waste-to-gas company Brightmark started work in June on three RNG projects in Michigan that will rely on animal waste as a feedstock.

Situated in rural parts of western and southern Michigan, the three projects will combine to use digestors to help process dairy cow manure into RNG. As with UGI's projects, all three will feed processed gas into regional pipeline networks.