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    Snam to Cut Methane Leaks


The Italian transmission-system operator has raised the bar for sustainability.

by: William Powell

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Snam to Cut Methane Leaks

Italian pipeline operator Snam has set itself the aim of reducing natural gas emissions by a quarter by 2025 compared with 2016 levels, it said March 14. Last year they were reduced by 7.9% compared with 2016.

Snam has new targets also for training, financial rewards and other standards, published in its sustainability report, Snam for the future - Financial Disclosure on Climate Change 2018.

The Task force on Climate Related Financial Disclosure, a working group established by the Financial Stability Board of the G20, published  recommendations for clear, coherent and comparable reporting on the impact of climate change on a company’s strategy in 2017.

The recommendations concern four thematic areas – governance, strategy, risk management, and metrics and targets – with respect to which the risks and opportunities of climate change are highlighted.