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    Slovakia, Czech Republic to cease gas boiler subsidies


Move is more evidence of demand-side measures finding favour as a means to reduce Russian gas dependence.

by: Callum Cyrus

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Slovakia, Czech Republic to cease gas boiler subsidies

Subsidies to households for gas-fired boilers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia are to be withdrawn, as the neighbouring Slavic nations strive to reduce dependency on Russian gas, Euractiv reported April 27.

Until now Czech and Slovak households have had state subsidies to fund new installations of gas-fired boilers, to enable them to replace older, less-efficient heating systems.

The Czech scheme was called the "New Green Savings Programme", while Slovakia offered subsidies through the "National Recovery and Resilience Plan." The subsidies benefit from EU funding through the national recovery plan scheme. The EU will have to agree to change the plans before the subsidies can be withdrawn.

EurActiv said 86% of Slovak households with individual boilers have a gas boiler, while in Czech Republic 50% of all households have gas heating. Both countries will look to use renewable energy for new heating systems, as well as other low-emission alternatives like heat pumps.