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    Sinopec Flows Shale Gas in Jianghan Oilfield


Jianghan oilfield is in southwestern China’s Sichuan basin.

by: Shardul Sharma

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Sinopec Flows Shale Gas in Jianghan Oilfield

State-run Sinopec has achieved a stable flow of 55,800m3/day of shale gas and 17.6m3/day of shale oil from its Fuye 10HF well at the Jianghan oilfield in southwestern China’s Sichuan basin, the company said on April 14.

Sinopec said achieving the flow was an important breakthrough in shale exploration in the area. The company added that it had implemented a major natural gas development strategy at Jianghan, carrying out comprehensive geological and engineering evaluations of multiple sets of continental shale strata in the area.

The successful drilling of Fuye 10HF shows that the shale gas in the Dongyuemiao section of the Jurassic has strong prospects and is of great significance for accelerating the development strategy of gas at the Jianghan oilfield, Sinopec said.