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    Shell, Uniper to explore hydrogen in Germany


Shell’s preliminary deal with Uniper follows the launch of its hydrogen project at a German chemicals complex.

by: Daniel Graeber

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Shell, Uniper to explore hydrogen in Germany

Shell and Germany's Uniper announced July 6 the signing of a preliminary agreement to explore ways to link industrial and mobility demand with hydrogen supply, production and storage.

The memorandum of understanding was sign between Shell Gas & Power Development and Uniper Hydrogen.

"Exploring future options including the necessary infrastructure for large scale transport of hydrogen and CO2 from the ports of Rotterdam and Wilhelmshaven to North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) – the industrial heartland of Germany – will be at the centre of the announced collaboration," they declared.

The announcement came less than a week after Shell announced that its energy and chemicals complex in Germany hosted the start up of Europe's largest polymer electrolyte membrane electrolyser for producing green hydrogen. The electrolyser will produce up to 1,300 metric tons/year of hydrogen, which will initially be used to produce fuels with lower carbon intensity, and will also help decarbonise other industries.

Shell recently pledged to do more to address its emissions, despite already having some of the most ambitious targets in the industry, after losing a landmark court case filed by non-governmental organisations in the Netherlands.

”Our mission is to connect Uniper’s large scale hydrogen projects - e.g. in the Netherlands and in Northern Germany - with industrial customers to enable a decarbonisation of our economy," added Uniper Hydrogen CEO Axel Wietfeld.