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    SDX Confirms Commercial Find at Egyptian Gas Field


The discovery is due to be brought into production in 2021 and extend South Disouq's plateau output until 2023-2024.

by: Joseph Murphy

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SDX Confirms Commercial Find at Egyptian Gas Field

North Africa-focused SDX Energy has confirmed that its Sobhi gas discovery made earlier this month at the South Disouq field in Egypt is commercial, following tests.

Sobhi achieved a maximum rate of 25mn ft3/day during a one-hour test at 54/64" choke, the London-listed company said in a stock filing on April 24. It then flowed 15mn ft3/d on a stable basis during a three-hour period at 28/64" choke, and then 10mn ft3/d over four hours at a 16/64" choke.

Having reviewed the data, SDX expects the well to flow at an optimum stabilised rate of 10-12mn ft3/d.

"We are pleased with these initial well test results which confirm that we have a commercial discovery at the Sobhi well," CEO Mark Reid said in a statement.

The discovery has led to a 50% increase in SDX's proven and probable reserves at South Disouq, he said, noting that Sobhi had the potential to extend South Disouq's plateau production rate of 50mn ft3/d through to 2023-2024. It is due to be tied to SDX's existing gas processing plant next year at a cost of $3.5mn.