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    Scotland Extends Moratorium on Fracking


Like Westminster, Edinburgh is not keen on the idea of fracking.

by: William Powell

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Scotland Extends Moratorium on Fracking

Scotland has extended its moratorium on shale gas production onshore using hydraulic fracturing, two years after it announcing it on October 2017. Energy minister Paul Wheelhouse said coal bed methane and hydraulic fracturing, known as ‘fracking’, were not compatible with Scottish climate change policy, according to Scotland's current affairs magazine Holyrood

Wheelhouse has not actually implemented a legal ban, although opposition parties, including the Scottish Greens and Scottish Labour, have called for one. Wheelhouse said he did not believe new legislation was required.

Hydraulic fracturing is allowed technically in England and Wales, but the regulations are very onerous and the one company that has attempted to produce gas, Cuadrilla, has not managed to keep within the seismicity limits for long enough to test the economics. Its owners are now reported to be looking for an exit.